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About Landscape

Renata’s exploration of the genre of landscape only started in earnest back in 2013, after 10 years of studying the inherent painterly qualities of camouflage and its relationship with the landscape (see Soldiers and Camouflage).

While reflecting on the genre of landscape Renata realised she was dealing with issues
 about immigration, notions of territory, identity and displacement came through the landscape. She explores the socio-political whilst showing a deep yet subtle emotion. These landscapes have a static narrative and monster-like plants and outdoor furniture act as signifiers.

Works would be grouped by series named after subject-matter, formats and supports
. These series intermingle, feeding on, invading each other while opening paths to new bodies of work. Above all, several series could develop at the same time and not one ends to never emerge back again: Renata does revisit past works quite often, making her process self-referential.

To see and learn more about specific series please visit Deck Chairs Series, LC and HP Series, NL Series, Enhanced Monoprints, ATC Series of large format charcoal drawings, Atlas Inconcluso and Casa con Vista.

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