About Landscape

Renata’s exploration of the genre of landscape only started in earnest back in 2013, after 10 years of studying the inherent painterly qualities of camouflage and its relationship with the landscape (see SOLDIERS-CAMOUFLAGE).

While reflecting on the genre of landscape, Renata’s creative process turned into a self-referential method in which a compendia of works would  inform other series, mixing among them while generating new bodies of work (subseries). Groups of work would be grouped because by  subject-matter, formats and supports: Renata lets the materiality of the works play a crucial role into the final painting, taking it beyond its inherent bi-dimensionality while exploring the work’s possible sculptural properties. 

Monoprint A3 Una de Danta Parasol 1. 202
CASA CON VISTA. 2022. Oil on board, chip board, wood, lift off hinges
1Renata Fernandez. NL-02 BIG. 2019. OIL
HP Series, Round Diptych 2. 2018. Oil on
Only drawing allowed
from 2013, ongoing