This is still work in progress, but very much close to the end result.

This video is the second collaboration between Renata Fernandez and Venezuelan born, London based musician and composer Carlos Izsak.

Carlos responded to Renata's brief (which was indeed brief, just a crude version of this video she made on her phone). Renata asked Carlos to create an original composition inspired by the body of work depicted on the video.

This body of work comprises intervened monoprints and very much work from the pandemia, as Renata started to make them during the first lockdown, as she struggle with homeschooling of two young children, household chores, loosing income through lockdown restrictions that made impossible for her to teach, on top of her trying to carry on working on her art...

The sessions in the studio became immediately less frequent, and only possible during the evenings.

Renata switched her oils and her usually slow and intricate paintings, from the immediacy of gel plates monoprints she could re-work back at her home, on her kitchen table. In came the acrylic ink, coloured pencils and back in the studio, the spray paint.

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