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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

It's late in the night and I am preparing a video of this intervened monoprints, the bulk of my Artist Support Pledge offerings (you can see the lot in my SHOP).

I am also making a crude version of a book I want to publish, including well written essays of these works (I am recruiting a reliable art histiritan and writer).

As the disruption of the pandemia settled in lockdown mode in March 2020, my time in my studio was severely limited to brief escapades late into the night, just very few times per week. I stop using my oils and switch to acrylic inks, acrylic paints and marker pen and watercolours on small formats of paper (A4, A3)

I also took out my gel plates and old stencils I made - all from my deck chairs series- in order to make almost a hundred of monoprints I could rework later at home, on my kitchen table.

These works are true Art from the Lockdown, the result of an artist elbowing her time for making art after a day of homeschooling, household chores and overall nagging mama.

They mark a rupture, another approach to working elements that are already present of my imaginary, making use of the most domestic of art materials such as coloured pencils while at the same time also borrow from the immediacy of street art (spray paints, acrylic marker pens).

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