My social Media on Ink

Updated: Sep 6

My social media feed, on ink.

They started as warm-up small ink drawings (12 x 12 cm), while a few of them ended up as larger formats (100 x 100 cm).

The little warm-up drawings suddenly became quite intricate and demanded a lot more time that I anticipated. As they became varied in subject matter -beyond the comfort zone of landscapes and plants- I became freer on what I should appropriate: There are pets, alive and dead; relatives, as the people I followed paid tribute on the occasion of their passing; old family photos, as people became nostalgic of past time; news items such as people missing in public appeals for information, tiktokers, disable people as they made themselves more visible, etc

This is the still life grid, in one attempt to present them more coherently.

Yet I decided to continue placing them side by side as they are produced, reflecting the variety and unpredictable nature of my social media feed.

These works are about the appropriation of people’s view of the world as they share it. The fact that I use ink I think is because I want to “elevate” these visions by making alluring and intricate.

These drawings are also a reflection in how we came to view and know about the rest -of people- as we took our smart phones with gusto to see what the others were doing while in confinement, or share what we were encountering as our life became more local during successive lockdowns.

I acquire an habit of doing screen shots of many images I find inspiring or I feel merely curious about.

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