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This video is best viewed on the phone and by locking the screen orientation (as landscape).

This video is a collaboration between Carlos Izsak (Venezuelan born musician and composer) with this original composition tilled TRPIC-SCAPE Number 1 and Renata Fernandez with a selection of her nature-inspired drawings.

Back in April 2020, as the pandemia took hold of the entire world and everybody was in lockdown and hook to their phones, Renata gave Carlos the following brief: "please do me a song that would be inspired or created with the sounds of the rainforest."

Renata had this idea of creating a video inspired by nature for contemplation using a selection of her drawings from ATC and Midnight series. The idea of the video is to be viewed on the phone, hence the recommendation to lock the phone screen in landscape) and let if flow with its hypnotic (yet punchy) music and the rhythm of the images movement.

Originally released in Instagram at the end of April 2020, it can also be found in Renata's IG tv videos.

Renata wanted also to accompany the release of this video with a colouring book based on the drawings featured, yet the drawings are quite intricate and there was the homeschooling to deal with. But Renata hasn't giving up on that colouring book, don't worry...


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