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Wallpaper of Memories

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

This is something new.

Being printed as as write this.

Hopefully it will travel and arrive safely.

I like projects like this, when something looks in a certain way yet you come close and discover many layers of meaning, least a few you didn’t consider initially.

I like projects like this when the viewer feels compelled, even attracted to come close, allured by aesthetics.

Yet, once up close, there is so much more.

In this case, the beauty of the decay and abandonment. A homage to long lost corners of a landscape not longer available -not to me, not for the moment.

This kind of approach to landscape is a bit inspired by pasting, the street art technique of pasting or sticking large poster-like works in order to make a very large image.

But this is my own interpretation of pasting, a custom-made wallpaper that can be at ease in any -brave enough- domestic setting.

It happens to be quite alluring, even calmly. Yet the pattern over the initial pattern of tumbled universal plastic chairs and silhouettes of palm trees, are of dumps -with beautiful vegetation, that is- and a landscape as view from a place of hiding -silhouettes of plantain trees- that offer refuge.

The landscapes or elements of landscapes are inspired by my own archive of photos from Venezuela and its urban jungles - a couple had been appropriated from social media - but I think this wallpaper can be read or received by a universal audience.

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