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London Fine Art

© Renata Fernandez 1996 – 2017. Commercial reproduction of any content It is not allowed under any circunstances. Certain use for educational purposes might be considered after consultation. Do not mess with the Zohan

Soldiers & Camouflage 2003-

This is an ongoing body of work, deserving its own page.

It has a starting point: an upside down newspaper image from the first days of the Iraq invasion.
This image shows a charging soldier, possible British. I worked on this image -upside down- for over an year until one day, bored to death for such de-construction, I turned the image around and saw the humanity of the soldier - and also his fear. Here was a son, a father, a brother, and I didnt know if he was alive, injured or back home. This kickstarted the need for compiling other images from the press of ongoing conflicts -too many- and undertake studying the painterly qualities of camouflage.

One day, I stood in front of diptych that was too big and heavy, armed with a stolen photo from a friend from the Territorial Army that served in Basra. camouflage needed a landscape where to hide for this large format. A couple of subsequent trips back to my country Venezuela, afforded the opportunity to build on a unintentional photographic archive of urban jungle that is still in use. And slowly, soldiers gave way to monster-like plants, beautiful, dark and broody drawings, and just as menacing as soldiers while lying in wait. Please see what comes next, TROPICO CAMUFLADO