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ATC Series Charcoal Drawings

An invitation to a solo show in Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela, took Renata to design a proposal where a series of large format charcoal drawings put side to side as a sought-after mural would be the main body of work.  Renata started the ATC  Series of large charcoal drawings for this one-woman exhibition titled TROPICO CAMUFLADO, 2013-14.
Up to that moment, Renata had been making very large charcoal drawings of soldiers hiding in a luscious landscape, exploring and relearning the technique of the humble charcoal. Yet from the very first drawing for the show not soldier ever appeared again! The dark and broody depictions of plants, based on a personal photographic archive,  became a metaphor of absent soldiers. The intense period dedicated to these series developed an interest in landscape as artistic genre and the  observation and depiction of the plants' engineering and life cycle. Fourteen drawings were part of the exhibition. The whole series expands to twenty six drawings, of which only 10 remain available.

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