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London Fine Art

© Renata Fernandez 1996 – 2017. Commercial reproduction of any content It is not allowed under any circunstances. Certain use for educational purposes might be considered after consultation. Do not mess with the Zohan

Renata Fernandez at her old studio in Peckham Rye. Photograph by Efrat Einey


"Could one make poetry out of the horror of witnessing, remotely and through the eyes of friends and relatives via social media, the daily destruction of the place I used to call home?

I was  born in Caracas, Venezuela. Its influence lays heavily on me on all aspects and informs even at a distance the way I look at everything. When looking back at my most recent work it seems that a certain melancholy is driving me when confronted with the impossibility of ever coming back to my country. In trying to keep on holding the unattainable, I end up depicting an otherworldliness.

In my work there is a love for the materiality of things that determines the way my work is presented, and this way of "framing" my work seeks to take a painting, its image -subject-matter and make it somehow sculptural.

As an artist I am very methodological, rational in my approach to subject-matter and technique. I tend to work  formats and subject with repetition, knowing that such approach of hard work and persistence could lead to a revelation of sorts. I also know that this approach is the way distilled emotion seeps through. The words self-referential come to mind, as a few series are worked at the same time, while they intermingle and open the way to new bodies of work. My work does transmit an undefined sense that something lurks beneath that can be quite moving".

Fernandez studied Fine Art in the Armando Reveron University Institute (now named UNEARTE), and Social Sciences, Media and Drama in Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, both in Caracas.

Fernandez established her practice in London in 2003.


Most recently Fernandez showed her work at AMALGAMA in its first edition (the book was published in October 2019, available through AMALGAMA ) and as part of FLAWA (Festival of Latin American Women in the Arts) also in its first incredibly successful first edition in London. Fernandez also showed in Maddox Arts in Mayfair as part of the group show HER NATURE (June September 2017) and also in MADDOX'S WINTER SHOW (2017-18).  Fernandez was selected for the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize 2016 and 2018 held at Mall Galleries. 

The artist had a solo exhibition in the Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela (2013-14), titled TROPICO CAMUFLADO. She shows her work constantly in London, as well as in France, Belgium and Spain. Her work is in several private collections in Venezuela, Taiwan, Spain, USA, UK, France, Germany and Belgium.