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Renata Fernandez on her Willesden Junction Studio, West London. Around her, works from NL and HP Series. PC Renata Fernandez

Renata Fernandez. b. 1971, Venezuela. Based in London since 2003.


In her art, Fernandez delves into profound and timely themes that revolve around immigration, notions of territory, identity, and displacement. These societal issues serve as a potent source of inspiration and contemplation for her, as she strives to bring attention to the sociopolitical aspects inherent in the found imagery she incorporates into her work.

Through a blend of bi-dimensional and tridimensional art forms, including installations and sculptures, Fernandez weaves together a reconstructed memory that speaks to the complexities of the human experience. Her practice embraces various disciplines and techniques, creating a self-referential and multidisciplinary approach. This fusion of artistic elements enriches her studio practice, where ideas flow freely, nurtured by the intermingling of different mediums.

Her artistic process stems from a combination of appropriated social media posts and her own photographs. This blend of sourced imagery and personal snapshots fuels her exploration of connections and themes related to immigration, identity, and the human condition. Drawing on her background in journalism, social sciences, and theatre set design, Fernandez employs her diverse skill set to source, curate, and present her artwork thoughtfully.

The immersive nature of her art installations and sculptures invites viewers to engage deeply with her creations, allowing them to experience the inherent materiality of her works. She remains dedicated to hand-intensive processes, perpetually exploring and experimenting with materials to unlock their sculptural potential.


Fernandez studied Fine Art -painting and sculpture- in the Armando Reveron University Institute (now called UNEARTE), Social Sciences, Media and Drama-Set Design in Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, all in Caracas. Venezuela.

*Solo Show TRADERS COURT, at The gallery in Lillie Road SW6, as conclusion to her Artist in Residency, Earls court Development Company, London. January-March
*Bury My Songs, group show curated by Small Works Gallery, in association with Terrace Gallery, at Lea Bridge Library Gallery Space

* Women In Art Fair, Mall Galleries, London, October 11-14th
*CORPORAL * NATURAL * CELESTIAL  Alex Slato Miami, USA. Group show
*TART FACTORY, with Tart Gallery, Royal Park Gallery, London. Group show
*238/ARTURO Espacio Proyecto Libertad, Merida, Venezuela. Curated by Elizabeth Marin. Group show


*ATLAS INCONCLUSO, at ABRA CARACAS, Caracas, Venezuela. 
*TWO DOORS, Tart Gallery second London show, in association with House of St Barnabas, Soho, London.
*CASA X EXHIBITION, a group show of 7 Latinx identifying artists regarding the notions of home, as an outsider and an immigrant, the curatorial project of the BA curatorial studies alumni from Central St Martins.
*WEARY HAROLD, ASC Gallery London, group show. 

*Renata was the first artist in residency at Latin American House (Latin Art Lab), London.

Her latest solo show was TROPICO CAMUFLADO in the Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas (2013-14). Her work is in several private collections worldwide

Renata Is an independent artist collaborating on projects with galleries and curators in Venezuela, USA, UK - and the rest of Europe- and Singapore.


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1971. Based in London sine 2003


Fine Arts (IUESAPAR) 1991-96. Social Sciences and Media Studies, (UCAB) 1988-1993. Drama

and Set design, AGO TEATRO 1990-95. All in Caracas, Venezuela. Professional Practice, Contemporary Art Academy (Xavier Ellis & Mathew Gibson’s educational project) 2022-2023

SOLO SHOWS, selection

[2013 - 14] TROPICO CAMUFLADO Museum Alejandro Otero. Caracas. Venezuela.

[2009] FAMILY PORTRAITS Convent Sant Agusti. Barcelona. Spain

[2004] HIGH STREET TIGER HUNTING, Tricycle Gallery, London.

[2003] EVERY DAY EPIC, 198 Gallery, London.


Upcoming [2025] Earls Court Development Corporation Community Portraits / [2023] I Love West Hendon, a project for Barnet Council with the old an  new residents of this neighbourhood / With Growing Spaces, a North Kensington non for profit: 3 community-based mural in 3 different community gardens in the area
[2022] First Artist in Residence, Latin American Art Lab, at Latin American House, Kilburn, London.

[2016] Carnwath Road Hoarding Temporal Commission (Fulham). TIDEWAY BAZALGUETTE


GROUP SHOWS, selection

[2023] Upcoming, March April, 238/ARTURO in Espacio Proyecto Libertad, Merida, Venezuela.  April.  all women group show with Alex Slato Gallery, Miami
[2022]  CARTOGRAPHY OF CARE, Spilt Milk gallery, Edinburg / ATLAS INCONCLUSO, ABRA CARACAS Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela / TWO DOORS, Tart Gallery, House of St Barnabas. Soho / CASAX EXHIBITION, BA curatorial project from Central St Martins, UK Mexican Art Society -now Sommers Gallery- London. / WEARY HAROLD, ASC Gallery, London.
[2021] FIRST BATCH OF TARTS, Tart Gallery / WOMEN’S LOCKDOWN ART, Zabludowicz

Collection (fundraising for Women + Health Charity / SKY Landscape Artist of the Year

[2019] AMALGAMA, in its first London edition, part of FLAWA (Festival of Latin American Women in the Arts). *
[2017] HER  NATURE Maddox Arts Mayfair, London. / MARBELLA ART FAIR, with Maddox Arts Gallery 

[2016] SKY Landscape Artist of the Year 2016  / Oriel Davies Open. Oriel Davies Gallery. Newtown, Powis. Wales

[2012] Cluster II. SW1 Gallery, London.

[2011] Exposition de sculptures à Hanzinelle, Bruselas. Organized & curated by collectors Jacques and Dominique HAYEZ / Fiztrovia Noir Collective, Intervention Art Trail, Fitzrovia London W1. London.



Private collections in the UK, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan and Venezuela

* Book AMALGAMA: WOMEN, IDENTITY & DIASPORA Paperback published in October, available in Amazon. Edited by Daniela Galan.

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