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recent works: stolen from social media, ink drawings

Most recent work revolves around appropriated post from social media on ink over paper or Foamex. As Renata moves away from the exclusivity of  plants and outdoor furniture as signifiers in her work, now humans and animals are creeping in but as silhouettes.

Pandemic and lockdowns established Renata's habit of screen shots from friends and acquaintances a possible sources of inspiration for found imagery from adds, TikTokers, unknown people's posts, friends' gardens, dead relatives and pets and old family photos. 


From warm up small drawings, 13 x 13 cm each, depicting the human diversity on Renata's social media feed, to larger ink works that are more painterly. These more painterly ink works reinterpret images that will be forever stay in the digital realm yet we will likely never see them again. From the ephemeral to re-thought / reinterpreted / re-told in ink on paper or Foamex

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