Renata Fernandez. b. 1971, Venezuela. Based in London since 2003.


Renata is a multidisciplinary artist that focuses on issues about immigration, notions of territory, identity and displacement through her exploration of the genre of inhabited landscape and the appropriation of social media posts. Her artistic expressions are large format or very intimate bi-dimensional works, digital animated collaborations, installations and immersive pieces that incorporate drawing, painting, set design and sculpture.


She is very invested in hand-intensive processes and drawn to emphasise the inherent materiality of her works, in a continuous material exploration and experimentation, as she is always looking to develop their sculptural possibilities.

Her landscapes are usually urban settings,  where outdoor furniture and monster-like tropical plants act as signifiers, with a static narrative devoid of people where a ”Menacing Beauty”, attractive and uneasy, mesmerising and broody,  let us believe there is something intangible behind it that could be distinctly unfriendly. Her landscapes seem to be constructed with elusive fragments of memories.


 Fernandez studied in Caracas Fine Art -painting and sculpture- in the Armando Reveron University Institute (now called UNEARTE), and Social Sciences, Media and Drama-Set Design in Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, all in Caracas.

2022, showing now and recent shows : 


*ATLAS INCONCLUSO, at ABRA CARACAS, Caracas, Venezuela. A group show about landscape as memory and nostalgic, as seen from the fertile cracks of the migration,  August-September 2022;  
*Until November her new wood carvings  in TWO DOORS, Tart Gallery second London show, in association with House of St Barnabas, Soho, London.
*Renata is the first artist in residency at Latin American House (Latin Art Lab), London.
*CASA X EXHIBITION, a group show of 7 Latinx identifying artists regarding the notions of home, as an outsider and an immigrant, the curatorial project of the BA curatorial studies alumni from Central St Martins.
*WEARY HAROLD, ASC Gallery London, group show. 

In 2021 Renata recently showed at 'First Batch of Tarts", Tart Gallery London /  Royal Scottish Academy Summer Exhibition, Women’s Lockdown Art Exhibition, Zabludowicz Collection, London. AMALGAMA in its first edition in 2019. Showed in Maddox Arts in Mayfair as part of HER NATURE (2017) among other exhibitions there. Her latest solo show was TROPICO CAMUFLADO in the Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas (2013-14). Her work is in several private collections worldwide

Renata Is an independent artist collaborating on projects with galleries and curators in Venezuela, UK - and the rest of Europe- and Singapore.

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