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from theatre to installation

Renata seems to be coming full circle with this very recent work.

Renata has a background in theatre, as an actor and budding set designer. Her training in drama occurred while she was studying Social Sciences and  Media at University, and just before she started her formal visual art studies at the Armando Reveron (IUESAPAR) in Caracas.

Renata had a deep inclination to theatre from an early age and as strong as were her natural abilities in visual art. Both disciplines weight equally in Renata's life in her early twenties. As she frequently says, "becoming an immigrant first in Spain then in the UK took the big decision for me, as I could continue to create as a solitary visual artist wherever I went, whereas I could not connect with drama-land in a country when I was yet to conquer the language (English)".

Seeking to develop installations that would be portable and could be  built, shown or reconstruct anywhere, comes from her days as a young set  designer that had to conceive a compelling set in parts, easy to dismantle and store, practical to travel in the back of a van and that could be moved by one to two people max.


CASA CON VISTA  o its first version, was first shown at CASA EXHIBITION, at UK Mexican Arts Society, now renamed Sommers Gallery, at Kings Cross, London, in March-April 2022.

CASA CON VISTA was first conceived as a fully functional crate made with OSB board,  that could be open to reveal flat packed pieces, such as a  rather comfortable high back chair and a folding small coffee table. The position of these pieces is fixed to afford the viewer a predetermined view of a large oval painting (portrait) depicting what it seems a tropical landscape painting in blue china hues.

Renata conceived this crate as a movable and storable work on castor wheels that can be move around. She calls this an expression of immigrant art in the sense that this work could be open and close - in theory- when needed, the furniture can be quickly put together, the painting hung in position, to be enjoyed by the viewer. It's made with chipboard, the cheap material of storage and temporal structures as well as the base of many permanent ones, a material that is accessible in many senses. 

The Wallpaper of memories is inspired by the street art technique of pasting, when large posters are stuck an any given large and available wall to make a very large, billboard size, image. This proposal, soon to have its firs outing in Caracas, Venezuela, takes a twist and takes the shape of a properly printed custom made wallpaper. The image is a compendia of 3 different superimposed patterns, being the top one a pattern made of 3 landscapes, taken from recent landscape painted in oil by Renata. These small paintings are depictions of found beauty, appropriated images from social media of corners of Caracas that are dumps, abandoned corners with rubbish yet surrounded by plants from the urban jungle. 

The overall composition show also an underlying pattern of tumbled plastic chairs, found in any not fancy garden in the world, with a silhouette of a palm tree on a pale pink background, a rather pleasant composition. The pattern on top, of landscapes, is also presented as soft, pleasant. It takes a closer view to discover the rusty abandoned car, the rubbish under the tree and the stray dog...



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