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Enhanced Monoprints

This body of work is very much work from the pandemic.

Renata started to make them during the first lockdown, as she struggled - like many artists/parents - with homeschooling of two young children, household chores, losing income through lockdown restrictions. 
As  sessions in the studio became immediately less frequent, and only possible during the evenings, Renata switched her oils and her usually slow and intricate paintings, from the immediacy of gel plates monoprints and techniques and materials borrowed from street art. Using acrylic  paint, stencils, texturing combs (for cakes icing) on gel plates allowed Renata to built a sizeable bulk of prep work.  She took these 50 plus works home to enhanced them on her kitchen table using acrylic ink, markers, coloured pencils and back in the studio, the spray paint. The imaginary of this prolific body of work comes from her other past and ongoing series: monster-like plants rom her tropical urban jungle, deckchairs and other outdoor furniture concrete blocks from urban and poolsides... These landscapes, constructed over unplanned/uncontrolled textured backgrounds, used the collage mentality / method  by positioning figurative elements (stencils). Narrative stays static, as with her other work, where plants and furniture act as signifiers. Thanks to Artist Support Pledge these works are all over the world: Canada, USA, Brazil, Singapore, UK

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