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Negative Landscapes

This ongoing series of medium and small format oil paintings carry on reflecting on certain elements of the inhabited landscape, a subject matter that Renata had been working on since 2013 (see Deckchairs Series). On this series the negative spaces as compositional elements are switched, depicting previously luscious green monster-like plants as white shapes floating on a given, unplanned background, as canvas are usually repurposed from previous (failed) paintings that had been scrapped.

On this series there is an attempt o call attention to the central elements by depicting them as “erased”, becoming conspicuous by their absence. The images that serve as Renata’s inspiration come from a recent photographical archive of invasive species from warmer climates, flourishing around the streets of Renata’s home. The very first paintings from this series appeared in the aftermath of Brexit. Renata draws parallels between her own status as immigrant and these plants that flourish in a climate that should had been seemingly hostile, yet we cannot imagine our parks and gardens, public and private without these ornamental plants.

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