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TROPICO CAMUFLADO. Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas,Venezuela. 2013-14. Facade intervention, still standing. Made in collaboration  with show producer Manuel Sanmartin. Four drawings from Renata's coveted ATC series were the subject of Renata’s largest public art commission to date, TROPICO CAMUFLADO (2013-) in Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela (South façade). The commission came to be as part of her solo show of the same title in the above mentioned institution,  2013-14. It consists of printed self-adhesive transparent vinyl, adhered to four niches in the marble façade, each niche measuring 12 x 6 meters. 14 of these drawings from the ATC Series were the main body of work on Renata's solo show.

Photo  credit: Jose Reinaldo Guedez IG @josereinaldoguedezfoto


IMMERSIVE LANDSCAPE. Royal College of Art, Gulbenkian Gallery. Artist in Residence National Open Art Competition. 2015. Paper, pencil on timber structure treated with gesso, magnifying glass, easel.

Photos by Carlos Izsak and Renata Fernandez


DRINKS CABINET, private commission. Made in collaboration with coveted designer Christopher Prain, of Christopher&Chanond Interior Design. 

Mr Prain designed an elegant drinks cabinet with curved door panels. Fernandez treated the panels inside and out with marble powder gesso. Eight layers later and after sanding the panels with a fine grade sandpaper, fernandez drew with pencil a complex motive inspired by one of her intricate pencil drawings. The use of gesso not only guarantees the permanence of the white surface but its conservation from light, and the daily use and abuse.

Photos courtesy of Christopher & Chanond Studio


HOARDING CARNWARTH ROAD, Fulham. TIDEWAY. Public art commission. 2016-2020. Fernandez introduced a group of year 6 children from a local school to the block printing technique, a technique favoured by a great local hero, William Morris. Fernandez gathered life sketches and hundreds of prints and made a digital collage depicting the Thames timeline comprising the river's days as purveyor of lobster and salmon, the Great Stink, a  biological dead river to a river on the way to recovery.

For more information and images on this commission please visit TIDEWAY.LONDON

Photos by Carlos Izsak

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